Retaining Local Counsel

Our 10 lawyer firm regularly serves as local counsel for parties or lawyers out-of-state.  We cost-effectively navigate the local court system in state or federal court in Pennsylvania.  We protect those bringing suit or defending suit in Pennsylvania for breach of contract, injuries, and more.

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Bringing Suit: you must do so before evidence disappears or the statute of limitations runs.

Defending Suit:  a default judgment may be entered against you or important defenses can be waived, if you do not act timely.  Once a judgment is obtained against you in PA, it's fairly easy for the party suing  you to transfer the judgment from PA to your home state, to attempt to execute against your assets.  The "Full Faith and Credit" clause of the US Constitution allows this practice. 

Suit in Pennsylvania.  A lawsuit may be filed in PA if (1) the alleged conduct at issue  took place in PA, or (2) any dealings between the parties took  place in PA (such as contract negotiation, the acceptance, or performance in PA), or (3) the parties agreed that PA will be the forum  jurisdiction, or (4) defendant does enough business PA to  expect to be sued in PA.


Our Resources

We use technology to make it cost-effective to rely on us. We have experience representing parties (plaintiffs and defendants) who have pending cases in PA but reside elsewhere throughout the duration of the case.


Our Reputation  

Here's what the owner of a Chicago firm had to say about our handling of its case in Western PA as local counsel:  "Hi Todd, I want to thank you for all your help with this case. I appreciate your advice on local [Western District of PA federal court procedures]  and your prompt responsiveness at all times. Should I have another case in Pittsburgh, I will certainly recommend you to the client.


Free Consultation

We stay in regular contact via phone and email as your case  progresses. We also utilize high speed, color scanners so  that we can stream to you in real time and vivid detail every  relevant document in your case as your litigation proceeds  forward. We also are able to petition the court to allow your  testimony by phone in certain circumstances.


Our Experience 

Our trial attorneys have handled disputes concerning  individuals from various states and countries throughout the  world. We file suit here in Pennsylvania and work to negotiate a settlement of every case when possible. We are also  prepared to litigate your multi-state issue here in  Pennsylvania.

You will find it surprisingly affordable to obtain representation  in Pennsylvania. We will motion the court to allow your  attendance of court proceedings via telephone whenever  possible. We will fully protect your rights in Pennsylvania.


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