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Court Ordered Arbitration.
Although you may have a right to a jury trial in state  or federal court, the courts may ordered that you  first attend arbitration or mediation

Compulsory Arbitration
In case at the state/county level, the amount sought  in the complaint will determine whether the case goes  to compulsory arbitration. In Allegheny County, the  current jurisdictional limit is $25,000. In other  counties, the amount is higher. Either side can appeal  the arbitration award to have the matter heard  before a judge or jury on the court of common pleas.

Federal Court.
Federal courts often schedule mediation fairly early in  the case to facilitate an amicable resolution.

Getting Full Value.
Experienced counsel can advise you how to use the  ARD process to your full advantage. It may be in your  best interest to challenge the use of arbitration or  mediation or, alternative, you may suggest it in  certain cases.

Free Consultation.
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