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Our 12 lawyer Pittsburgh firm handles breach of contract disputes (claims and defenses). Trust our contract law attorneys having over 18+ years of experience each.  We tell you whether a valid contract exists and whether it can be enforced as intended.  

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Protect your rights in any disputenon-compete (for employers and  employees), construction and renovationshome improvement, collections, oil and gas leases, franchisor-franchisee agreements, and more 

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You should consider our Pittsburgh law firm if you think “Pittsburgh lawyer contract.” An individual (or business) outside of Pennsylvania may need to shop for an attorney to retain as local counsel for a dispute in Western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh. We handle formation and enforcement issues.  This may be in federal court (Western District of Pennsylvania) or the surrounding counties:  Beaver, Butler, Washington, Greene, Fayette, Clarion or Westmoreland County. Call our Western PA lawyers before you decide to accept any major home improvement contract or agreement. Learn your rights before it’s too late. Click here Types of Contracts. Our lawyers in Pittsburgh, PA handle all types of contracts: non-compete, the purchase of goods or services, employment agreements, pre-marital and post-marital agreements, home improvement, vehicle  repairs, or other major purchases. Our attorneys in Pittsburgh see change orders, mechanic’s liens on real property,  failure to perform, insurance coverage disputes, declaratory judgment actions, warranties, choice of law issues (what  state’s law applies?) subcontractor and supplier issues, work of subs, operating agreements, leases, home sales  agreements and more. Our lawyers know the jury system in Western Pennsylvania regarding performance. We handle  all contracts, real estate, sale of goods, breach of warranty, and construction law.

Our Pittsburgh, PA Contract and Other Document Drafting Lawyers will handle your contract law litigation  matter in Western Pennsylvania. We can also draft or improve your existing contracts to avoid litigation in the future.  Our Pittsburgh and Beaver County attorneys can help you throughout Western Pennsylvania, including: Allegheny  County (Pittsburgh), Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, Lawrence, and Greene Counties  (Waynesburg).  Our Pittsburgh, PA, and Beaver County, PA attorneys can come to you in Fayette (Uniontown),  Westmoreland County (Greensburg), Cambria County, Greene County, Monongahela, Monroeville, South Hills, Ross,  Monaca, South Side (Pittsburgh), Shadyside (Pittsburgh), Monroeville, North Side (Pittsburgh) Avalon, and Bellevue.  Each Pittsburgh, PA attorney with our firm litigates breach of contract, drafting and interpretation.

Contract Law. Our Pittsburgh, PA attorneys handle breach of contract, oral contracts, verbal agreements, verbal  contracts, enforcement of contracts in writing, modification of written agreements, and endorsed documents. Let our  Pittsburgh PA lawyers review and enforce signed papers, terms, breach of agreement, missing terms. Have a Western  Pa lawyer review modification, modify, and minor breaches. Our Pennsylvania attorneys evaluate material breach,  damages, and recovery. Let a Pittsburgh PA attorney explain unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, statute of  frauds, failure of consideration, law suit, insurance coverage and claims, choice of forum clauses, arbitration, jury  trial, damages, claim for relief, remedies, specific performance, small claims, breach of contract, breach of agreement,  and anticipatory repudiation.  We handle the drafting and litigation of franchisor-franchisee agreements and contracts.  We handle cases for a franchisor, and for the franchisee.  We look at general concepts, like the parol evidence rule, UCC and the sale of goods, the enforcement or defense of franchise agreements.   

Litigation. Our litigation attorneys negotiate, defend, enter defenses, file suit, and defend suit. We handle abuse of  process, Dragonetti, consent judgment, confession of judgment, Dragonetti claims, civil complaints, answer,  preliminary objections, discovery, depositions, fraud, fraudulent transfers, challenge to venue. Our lawyers for  litigation handle defense of frivolous claims, statute of limitations defenses. We also do collection, execution, stays,  garnishment, sheriff service, freeze bank accounts and assets, sheriff sales, and more.

Non-Compete Agreements. We review non-competition clauses that prevent an employee from working,  injunctions for a covenant not to compete, unfair competition issues, trade secrets, customer lists,  non-competition agreement, covenant not to compete, and non-compete clause. We evaluate non compete contracts and defenses, such  as the lack of consideration, excessive scope of the agreement, time length, or geographic impact. Call us to evaluate  any restrictive covenant or employment issue, such as wrongful termination. Construction Law. We our construction litigation attorneys in PA will handle residential and commercial construction, perfection of liens, breach of contract claims, claim against contractor, recover payment, suit on general contractor, claims against bank or supplier, professional negligence, suit against contractor, builder, suit against property owner, jury trial, or bench trial on contract damages. We handle work involving restoration, new builds,  renovation, plumbing, electrical, masonry, brick, landscaping, block, injuries, falls, collapse, and more. Have a  construction lawyer protect you from getting a lien against your business, residence, or second home, and avoid a  situation where a home improvement contractor fails to pay his subs or subcontractors or suppliers. Inquire with our  construction litigation lawyers about change orders, extras, bonding, insurance, permit issues, zoning, and AIA, engineering testimony and issue, architectural matters and more. Learn about the contractor subcontractor payment,  payment of interest, penalties, and attorney fees.

Arbitration and Mediation (ADR). Ask how our contract law PA attorneys can help you with your arbitration  dispute, or ARD. Our Beaver County lawyers are available to help. Call a an attorney in PA for advice about binding,  and non-binding arbitration in state court or federal court, or  compulsory arbitration. A qualified lawyer in  Pittsburgh can save you money in  AAA arbitration. Go ahead and challenge our lawyers in Pittsburgh.

Oil and Gas Leases. We address leasing property for oil and gas exploitation for landowners, brokers, and gas  companies. We review oil and gas leases, the writing, before drilling is commenced.  Our lawyers handle landowner  rights,  Marcellus Shale drilling disputes in Pennsylvania, pressure to sign, state law, disturbance issues, drilling  operation, and damage to property.

Our Agreement and Contract Law Litigators will finalize your contract. We will draft and/or review your  existing agreement to make it effectuate your intent when entering into the contract.  We represent those who live  outside of Pennsylvania and you need suit filed (or a defense) in Western PA. See our links.

Formation issues.  We handle contract formation issues, such as the analysis of the offer, acceptance, and validating device or consideration, involving bargain for exchange, and conditions, such as conditions precedent, conditions concurrent.  We look at the dealings between the parties and course of performance. 

Types of Contracts.  We handle express contracts, implied contracts, agreements in good faith, contracts under seal, assignments of rights, unilateral contracts, bilateral contracts, consumer transactions, void or voidable contracts, choice of forum agreements, AAA arbitration, love and affection consideration, promissory estoppel, joint and several agreements, personal guarantees (or guaranties) by a guarantor, land sale by grantor or grantee, third party beneficiary agreements, substantial performance, partial performance, and divisible contracts.

Defenses.  We also handle defenses: fraud, undue influence, unconscionable or unconscionability, adhesion contracts, mutual mistake, unilateral mistake, mental incapacity, intoxication, gifts, misrepresentation, duress, undue influence, accord and satisfaction, waiver, abandonment, impossibility, impracticability, and ambiguity (for ambiguous contracts).  

Damages.  We seek damages, and make claims for monetary damages, attorney fees, costs, liquidated damages, rescission, unjust enrichment, reformation, restitution, and specific performance. 





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