Lectures About Contract Law

Mr. Elliott serves as a guest lecturer at Duquesne University School of Law.  As a proud alumni of Duquesnse, which has culture of giving back to the community, Mr. Elliott is happy to assist those starting their legal career.

Former Appellate Judge and Dean of Duquesne law school, Maureen E. Lally-Green, has written to thank Mr. Elliott for contributing to the experience for students at Duquesne: “I write to offer you my sincerely gratitude upon hearing about the wonderful presentation you gave to our students earlier this week in Professor Huhn’s Contracts I class.”

Mr. Elliott offers not only practical advice to law students starting their study of law, but also to the community relative to pro bono legal services, which comprised about 15% of his caseload.  Click here to see questions posed to students and the answers, regarding breach of contract issues that come up every day.

Additionally, Mr. Elliott has served on a panel on television called “KDKA and YOU,” which is comprised of lawyers who answer questions in real time for viewers facing legal issues.


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