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Question: Where do I file in small claims  court?

If your contract contains a valid arbitration  clause, you may be precluded from filing suit  at the state or federal courthouse. Otherwise,  your breach of contract case can be filed in  small claims court (cases under $12,000),  state court (most cases), or federal court (if  the case involves a federal statute or a  dispute between parties from different states  where the amount in question is $75,000 or  greater).

If you are defending against a breach of  contract, it is strongly recommended that you  get an attorney. The law of contracts in  Pennsylvania is very technical and a capable  lawyer can find defenses that you – or the  attorney filing suit against you – might not  have anticipated. Likewise, venue and  jurisdiction might not be proper in the case  filed against you and you will save attorney  fees in the long run by raising the venue or  jurisdiction issues, which can be waived early  in the suit if you fail to act.

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