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Settlement Options.
Litigation can be expensive for all parties concerned  even though the employer may like the tough reputation it gets for bringing action against employees who compete, which sends a message to current employees.

There are several options available. Our lawyers  handle many of these cases and strive to offer creative solutions to every dispute. For example, one  option is to renegotiate the terms of the restrictive  covenant to something that the parties can live with.

Another option is a buyout of the employer’s right to  restrain the employee. Often, a subsequent employer  who seeks the employee at issue will pay to get the  employee out of the contract with the first employer.

If all else fails, the parties are free to litigate. Often,  this will bolster the parties’ settlement position and  an agreement will be reached before court,  regardless.

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The strategy employed will depend on a  case-by-case basis.