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A court will view the “reasonableness” of the temporal  limitation on a non compete, depending upon the time  required to obliterate in the minds of customers the  identification formed during the period of employment.  Pollack v. Calimag, 157 Wis.2d 222, 458 N.W.2d 591,  599 (Wis. App.1990).

Status Counts.
The higher an employee gets in terms of seniority and  managerial control, the courts may expect the  employee to wait longer to compete. Mathieu v. Old  Town Flower Shops, 585 So. 2d 1160, 1161 (Fla. App.  1991); Dorminy v. Frank B. Hall, 464 So.2d 154, 158  (Fla.5th Dist Ct. App. 1985).

Calculating the Period of  Non-Competition.
A court sitting in equity has broad discretion to  interpret a non-compete and find facts.  The court  can look at the date of separate from employement  or the date that the court finally rules on the petition  to enjoin competition.

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