Independently Verified Reviews

The following were independently verified through a company called AVVO.

“Mr. Elliott helped me…”

by Susan G., January 17, 2017

Mr. Elliott helped me with my claim. He is very proficient, diligent and efficient. He made the horrible experience less painful and kept me informed during the entire process. Keep up the great work and excellent customer satisfaction. Thank you.


“[Mr. Elliott is] Mr. Results.”

by Mr. Brown, August 3, 2015

Todd [Elliott] is phenomenal, extremely knowledgeable, personable, and he LISTENS. Never once was he dismissive of any of my ideas or concerns. I really had a teammate throughout the whole process with him. He has very calculated aggression in his practice, so he knows when to really drive home a point. Never once did I feel like he put me or my case on the back burner. Always giving constant feedback even emails to tell me there was no news. I can’t say enough Great things about himself and his amazing staff First Class service from beginning to end. I am a Very Happy Client.”


“THANK YOU SO MUCH Todd.. I appreciate EVERYTHING you’ve done!”

by Chris, September 22, 2016.

“My company was sued based on a bogus claim that one of the cars we sold was defective and caused an accident.  Mr. Elliott proved that my company had never sold any of the cars involved in the accident, and that that identify of one of my cars had been stolen.  Someone had put a fake VIN number one of the cars in the accident, making it look like my company was responsible.  We were dismissed from the case.  Great job!”



“[Mr. Elliott is] The Complete Package”

by Beverly, March 25, 2015.

No one ever wants to seek the services of an attorney. But after presenting my needs to Todd, he thoroughly and clearly presented me with my options. I found him to be professional, extremely knowledgeable, and very thorough. And, most important to me, he is a kind person, who listened to me, took into consideration my suggestions, and genuinely cared about my needs. I highly recommend him.


“Amazing Lawyer…”

by Limited Tort Injury Client

 “[Todd Elliott] is such an amazing lawyer. I’m blessed to have such good representation.”


“Excellent Quality”

by Camille, March 26, 2015

Dealing with Todd made the stress associated with litigation feel like a cakewalk. Not only was I kept well informed throughout the process but I was very well represented throughout.


“Excellent Lawyer.”

by an anonymous client, July 29, 2011

“Todd Elliott is an excellent lawyer. Very professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy. He was prompt in his responses and did a good job for me…”



Matter Handled as Local Counsel in Pittsburgh for Chicago Firm

Hi Todd, I want to thank you for all your help with this case. I appreciate your advice on local [Western District of PA federal court procedures]  and your prompt responsiveness at all times. Should I have another case in Pittsburgh, I will certainly recommend you to the client.


Construction Litigation – Residential

“Todd handled the defense of a claim against me be by a contractor who sought payment for significant renovations to my home.  I attended law school myself and graduated with honors but I do not specialize in construction law.  I intended all along to pay the contractor a compromised price, even though some of his work had been done negligently.  Todd recommended I pay nothing.  Todd relied on the Pennsylvania Home Improvement and Consumer Protection Law.  In the end, I did not have to pay the contractor a dime.  Todd knows his stuff.” Joshua S.


Litigation – Plaintiff Side – Injuries

“I would recommend [Mr. Elliott] to any person who needs legal services.  He came to the hospital when I was injured in a serious motorcycle accident.  He was there every step of the way.  I really believe that God brought him into my life.  He negotiated clearly and effectively with the insurance company who caused my injuries.  We received the defendant’s policy limits much faster than I had expected.  He knew what was he was doing, having worked in the past on the defense side for insurance companies.  I greatly appreciate everything he has done for me.” Stanley I.


Litigation – Plaintiff Side – Injuries 

“The work you did negotiating and resolving my case exceeded my expectations. I will recommend you to anyone who needs a lawyer.” Bernie V.


Commercial Litigation in federal court for a corporate CEO 

“Todd, Thank you very much for all the help you gave me.  You are a great attorney, but more importantly, a terrific person.”


Business Litigation

Thacontractor 2nks Todd …  It’s been great working with you and your team. After frustrating experience with several other local firms your approach has been empathetic and clinical at the same time.. Now for billing purposes, let’s imagine that I never said that! A.H.


Non Payment of Credit Card Debt 

“I was sued for the non-payment of credit card debt.  Mr. Elliott filed objections to the lawsuit against me.  Then, the credit card company responded by filing an amended lawsuit that was 300 pages long with attachments!  I thought we were toast.  But then Mr. Elliott argued a technicality and was able to get the case dismissed.” D. H.


Home Improvement Matter

Bethany B.

“Todd!! I read this email [about the settlement in our case] and then I literally just started to cry.  I immediately had [my husband] Chris read it and he hugged me and said, “Praise God!” Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Words cannot express our gratitude for this. We never expected to be in this situation to begin with, but you have been such a blessing from beginning to end.”


Injury Case

“I suffered a collapsed lung in a car accident caused by a municipality salt truck.   I took my case to a Pittsburgh injury firm that advertises on billboards and they turned me down.  They said, the municipality is immune from suit.  To sue you need to prove either a permanent impairment of a bodily function or a permanent disfigurement.  I had neither, supposedly, because of my pre-existing lung conditions, and so that firm turned me down.

So then I resumed my search and found Mr. Elliott.  His partner Eric had done the incorporation of my business.  Mr. Elliott studied my case to find any possible angle to overcome immunity.  He decided to focus on showing a permanent disfigurement.  I did not think of myself as ‘disfigured’ from the accident as I had not cuts and all my scrapes were healed.  But Mr. Elliott knew the law, evidently.  I had a collapsed lung from the accident.  Mr. Elliott asked to see where doctors had inserted a tube into my side to re-inflate my lung.  Sure enough, there was a scar, a tiny one, less than 1/2 inch across.  Mr. Elliott took a picture on his phone.   The end result was a 150K settlement.”

Philip R.


A Case Turned Down By Other Lawyers

“My [previous] lawyer told me that my daughter had no case to sue for her facial scars from a dog bite.  He said he looked into it, but  the dog never bit anyone before, so he dropped my case.  A friend highly recommended Todd Elliott.  Mr. Elliott investigated my case more deeply.  He talked to my neighbors who were not aware of any previous bites by that dog.  Then he found a former neighbor who lived in the area four  years prior, and would testify that the dog had growled at her before in front of the owner, establishing a known ‘dangerous propensity.’ Mr. Elliott was able to use that information to leverage a 100K settlement.”

M. Ross


Construction Litigation – Commercial

“I am an architect and owner of a firm that employs 12 architects in downtown Pittsburgh.  I rely on Mr. Elliott on a regular basis to handle my commercial litigation involving suits against contractors and property owners who have hired my firm but refused to pay the full amount due.  I would recommend Mr. Elliott as a good mechanic’s lien lawyer.  He help me get a lien against property and effectively litigated suits for money damages.  He has demonstrated skill at recovering money for me.”