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Types of Renovation.
For plaintiffs and defendants, we handle all types of  construction and renovation litigation relative to  residential and commercial projects. When necessary,  we retain engineers to provide an opinion to support  our client’s position to protect our client‘s rights.  Below is a brief sample of the matters we see  regularly.

Demolition. The costs of properly removing and  disposing of materials can be significant. This is more  involved and expensive than most lay people realize.  This also involves issues of asbestos removal,  remediation, and OSHA regulations. For these  reasons, we often see issues of liability for  non-compliance with regulations, but also cost: who  should bare the cost of removing asbestos tiles that  were not discovered until a drop ceiling or carpet was  removed? We find solutions.

Restoration. A significant amount of improvement  to property occurs following a flood, fire or other  serious event. Restoration can involve a host of  breach of contract and resulting damage issues.

Landscaping and Hardscaping. Click here.

Electrical. We see issues involving resulting  damages and fire loss, code violations, and whether  the work needed is truly an “emergency” to exempt  the issue from the Home Improvement Act.

Foundation and Brick Work. We see property  owner complaints ranging from the simple  (discoloration) to the significant (cracking and  structural defects).

Oil and Gas Drilling. We see issues ranging from  the construction of wells to issues involving trespass,  destruction of property.

Architect Liability and Architectural Issues. We see plans that look great on paper but result in  structural or zoning issues or the failure to obtain  necessary permits being obtained, frustrating the  intended use of the property.

Use of Exotic or Highly Customized Materials.  Click here.

Concrete Work. We understand the problems  involved with this type of work, such as the weather  conditions needed, and inevitable cracking and  discoloration, even when the work is done correctly  during proper conditions. The person doing the  concrete work must be familiar with water run off  issues and landscaping; otherwise, there can be more  serious structural problems.

Roofing. Property owners often misunderstand the  nature of a flat roof and the fact that is designed to  hold standing water for long periods of time by its  very nature. The roofer, however, must be careful to  avoid leakage problems, that can trigger more serious  problems like extensive property damage and mold.

Remodeling, indoor. We see all types of issues,  such as: What grade of materials must be used and  what is a valid alternative based on supply shortages  or otherwise? Who pays the costs for appliances and  other fixtures? Where will the home owner reside  during renovation and who bares the costs of  accommodations for that?

Plumbing and Sewer. Any time flowing water is  involved, there are risks to property and even health  if a dangerous mold happens to grow. We consider all  issues, including warranty and insurance coverage  where there is “sewer” insurance program involved.

Heating and Cooling. We see issues ranging from  minor defects to fires and major structural loss.

Swimming Pools Installation. Any project that  involves digging and moving soil triggers a host of  product defect and liability issues.

Indoor and Outdoor Painting. We see issues  ranging from the mundane (the customer disputing  the color of the paint) to more serious (incomplete  paint that leaves the wood underneath vulnerable to  premature weathering and damage).

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