Our Western PA attorneys prosecute and defend claims  by owners and contractors for breach of contract in Pittsburgh. We negotiate and litigate to a meaningful conclusion. 


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The courts will assume you know your rights concerning mechanic’s liens, commercial disputes, home improvement, non-payment/collections, bonding,  insurance, negligence and more. In every case, we provide top notch representation that  is affordable. We identify your goals and tailor a cost-effective, results-based litigation plan.


Act Quickly.

You need to notify the other side to refrain from disposing of evidence.  This is called a "preservation letter."  You need to be mindful of statutory deadlines to file pleadings.  We advise property owners and contractors about the statute of limitations and short timeline to respond to a lawsuit. Mechanic’s lien actions, responses to a lawsuit, and other actions must be filed promptly.


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Our Pittsburgh, PA Contract and Other Document Drafting Lawyers will handle your contract law litigation matter in Western Pennsylvania. We can also draft or improve your existing contracts to avoid litigation in the future. Our Pittsburgh lawyers and Beaver County attorneys can help you throughout Western Pennsylvania, including: Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Beaver County, Butler County, Washington County, Lawrence, and Greene Counties (Waynesburg). Our Pittsburgh, PA, and Beaver County, PA attorneys go to Fayette (Uniontown), Westmoreland County (Greensburg), Cambria County, Greene County, Monongahela, Monroeville, South Hills, Ross, Monaca, South Side (Pittsburgh), Shadyside (Pittsburgh), Monroeville, North Side (Pittsburgh) Avalon, and Bellevue. Each Pittsburgh attorney with our firm litigates breach of contract, drafting and interpretation.

Contract Law. Our Pittsburgh, PA attorneys litigate breach of contract, enforcement of contracts in writing, modification of written agreements, and endorsed documents. Let our Pittsburgh PA lawyers review and enforce signed papers, terms, breach of agreement, missing terms. Call our Western Pennsylvania attorneys before You Agree to any major home improvement contract. Click here. Have a Western Pa lawyer review oral contracts, modification, modify, and minor breaches. Our Pennsylvania attorneys evaluate material breach, damages, and recovery. Let a Pittsburgh PA attorney explain unjust enrichment, promissory estoppel, statute of frauds, failure of consideration, law suit, insurance coverage and claims, choice of forum clauses, arbitration, jury trial, damages, claim for relief, remedies, specific performance, small claims, breach of contract, breach of agreement, and anticipatory repudiation.

Litigation. Our litigation attorneys negotiate, defend, enter defenses, file suit, and defend suit. We handle abuse of process, dragonetti, consent judgment, confession of judgment, Dragonetti claims, civil complaints, answer, preliminary objections, discovery, depositions, fraud, fraudulent transfers, challenge to venue. Our lawyers for litigation handle defense of frivolous claims, statute of limitations defenses. We also do collection, execution, stays, garnishment, sheriff service, freeze bank accounts and assets, sheriff sales, and more.

Construction Law. We our construction litigation attorneys in PA will handle residential and commercial construction, perfection of liens, breach of contract claims, claim against contractor, recover payment, suit on general contractor, claims against bank or supplier, professional negligence, suit against contractor, builder, suit against property owner, jury trial, or bench trial on contract damages. Let a lawyer in Pittsburgh handle work involving restoration, new builds, renovation, plumbing, electrical, masonry, brick, landscaping, hardscaping, block, retaining walls, injuries, falls, collapse, and more. Have a construction lawyer protect you from getting a lien against your business, residence, or second home, and avoid a situation where a home improvement contractor fails to pay his subs or subcontractors or suppliers. Inquire with our construction litigation lawyers about change orders, extras, bonding, insurance, permit issues, title insurance, zoning, and AIA, engineering testimony and issue, architectural matters and more. Learn about the contractor subcontractor payment act, payment of interest, penalties, and attorney fees.

Home Improvement Consumer Protection Law. We also handle home improvement law issues, such as the registration of contractors, notice of rescission, bonding, voidable arbitration clauses, excessive deposits, the requirement for a writing (with the start date, end date, total price, etc.), criminal penalties, third degree felony, and more.

Our Agreement and Contract Law Litigators will finalize your contract. We will draft and/or review your existing agreement to make it effectuate your intent when entering into the contract. We represent those who live outside of Pennsylvania and you need suit filed (or a defense) in Western PA. Our PA lawyers make construction law simple by looking at the intent of the parties. Contact our Pittsburgh contract law lawyers for advice when negotiating any major home improvement to your residence or business: a new deck, patio, garage, kitchen, basement, or addition to your home.

Commercial and residential construction matters. We see failure to complete punch lists, breach of AIA – American Institute of Architects guideline, fraudulent concealment, professional negligence, work injuries, change orders and extras, contract formation, offer and acceptance, promissory estoppel, unjust enrichment, Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law, renovation issues, written and oral modification, insurance claims, interpretation of agreements. We also evaluate liability on the part of engineers and utilize engineers and other experts to review cases. We handle issues involving performance bond, bid bonding, contractors that are bonded and insured, and insurance coverage issues and surety issues.

General Contractor (GC) and Subcontractor Issues. We also bring claims against general contractors and subcontractors who squander deposits, take improper draws, breach the agreement, failure to register, failure to give inaccurate estimates or poorly written scope of work descriptions. We (bring and defend) claims for failure to finish on time, oral contracts, failure to put agreement in writing, failure to start work, failure to honor change orders, failure to give notice of rescission, or insist upon unreasonable change orders, ask for more money or too much money, threaten to take a lien improperly, cause resulting damage, make demands for money, home lien, business lien, residential renovation, liens on property, and give defective notice of lien. We advise about making claims on Angie’s List, with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Owner Issues. We file mechanic’s liens and brings civil suit claims for (and defense of) home owners’ in a dispute with a contractor, defense of claims for money, and harassment by contractors. We handle issues with owners who refuse to pay progress payments, refuse to finish work, fail to meet deadline, miss deadlines, and fail to finish or complete work. We also see disputes of receipt of payments, those who refuse to authorize work, stop payments, and write bad checks. We do collection against property owners and contractors for fraudulent conveyance, bad checks, resulting damage. We handle types of jobs involving restoration, emergency work, concrete, masonry, foundation, cracking foundation, discoloration, wall buckling, painting, landscaping.

We also handle construction negligence and builder negligence issues involving emergency repairs, property damage or personal injury from flooding, fire, construction fire, construction flood, construction injury, construction collapse, beam collapse, post collapse, girder fall, ceiling fall, ceiling drop, window fall, falling glass. We handles these matters in court and construction arbitration or AAA arbitration for resolution of a construction dispute.

Property Owners. If, for example, you pay a general contractor $50,000 to build an addition onto your home, what happens if the contractor never pays his subcontractors for the work they did? Your property can get exposed to a mechanic's lien if you are not careful. You need good legal advice early at the time your home improvement agreement is drafted. Unless you address this issue in your contract with the general contractor, you may have to pay twice for the same work! Fortunately, there are ways to protect your rights.

Answers are need for the following: Should bond be posted? Should the contract be performed in installments? What assurances do you have that the other side will perform on the agreement as planned? It always makes sense to have an attorney review your agreement. Our fees to review (or re-draft) an agreement are reasonable and we can potentially save you thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars.

Property owners, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers all have rights in Pennsylvania. We represent all of the above. We negotiate from a position of strength and litigate aggressively when an amicable resolution is not possible. Thus, the law gives the subcontractor special protections to see that he gets paid. Under the law, if a sub-contractor is not paid, he can record a lien (a mechanic's lien) against the real property even if you (the property owner) have paid the paid the contractor in full.

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