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There are numerous ways in which a contractor can violate the  agreement. These include some or all of the following:

 · Failing to commence work

 · Failing to complete work

 · Doing the work carelessly or negligently

 · Causing resulting damage to the property or adjacent property

 · Failing to pay subs or suppliers

 · Failing to obtain necessary permits

 · Failing to comply with zoning requirements.

 · Violating the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act

 · Demanding excessive compensation

 · Failing to protect the property after abandoning a job (properly)  and correctly) for non-payment

 · Failing to do an adequate clean-up

 · Failing to dispose of materials safely and properly

 · Violating OSHA

 · Failing to carry insurance

 · Failing to obtain bonding

 · Negligently hiring or retaining employees

 · Utilize non-conforming materials.

 · Failing to obtain lien waivers.

 · Failing to insure for professional negligence.

 – Causing personal injury or property damage on the property via  slip and fall, construction fire, construction flood, construction  injury, construction collapse, Beam collapse, post Collapse, girder  fall, Ceiling fall, ceiling drop, wall collapse, window fall, falling  glass, or other problem requiring restoration.

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