When Early Negotiation Doesn't Work...

The Next Step is Litigation, But Don't WorryEach of our lawyers have been doing this for a while, each for 18+ years.



Our litigators analyze your case thoroughly and create a litigation budget for each stage of the case, so there are no surprises. The goal is to make you come out ahead from litigation (and not just break even).  We show you how, at every stage of the case, you have an opportunity for a favorable settlement.   


Minimizing Your Expenses.  

The expense of litigation can be minimized through cost saving measures. From the very beginning, we provide a  detailed litigation budget (and frequent  communication throughout the case) to take into  account the very real possibility of settlement at  every stage. In this way, the process becomes a  manageable and efficient from a cost-benefit  standpoint at every stage. We use technology to do a detailed investigation of each case to minimize the need for you to testify or for us to present evidence in courts, which takes time and money. 


Taking the Pain Out of this Process.    

Try to forget the stereotypes about litigation.  You may hear the word "litigation" and immediately think of stress,  runaway costs, and uncertainty.  In reality, a law suit  is often necessary to protect your important rights, and with the right attorneys -- who are tough, but also smart and reasonable -- you can understand the process at every phase and use it to your advantage.    


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